Friday, June 1, 2007

Out of the Cellar: Orkney Skullsplitter

Brewer: Orkney Brewing, Orkney Scotland
Added to the Cellar: October 2004
Poured: May 2007
ABV%: 8.5%

I wish I could give you an in-depth and detailed analysis of how this beer has held up over the past (nearly) three years but there's not much to report. It's horribly oxidized and tastes of so much wet cardboard that little else can be detected. There's a faint fruitiness but even that tastes a bit sour and rotten. I can't finish this beer.

Orkney Skullsplitter is one of my favorite beers so I have experimented with it just to see what some age will do to it. My conclusion is that the beer holds up well for up to a year and half but never actually improves over that time. Drink it fresh.

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