Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Belgium Loft Update

In the previous post I mentioned that I couldn't locate Loft anymore and had e-mailed the brewery. Today I received this response:

"First off, thanks for your email. We do appreciate questions from our fans, so thanks for taking the time to share your's. Loft was indeed discontinued, because while our brewmaster and his crew considered it one of our greatest achievements, our brewers had a desire to tinker with the recipe a bit. The result was Skinny Dip, which is now our summer seasonal. Skinny Dip is very similar to Loft, but with a little modification. Imagine Loft with more grapfruity hops (Cascades), the same kaffir lime twist and this intriguing slightly fruity background.

You should be able to find Skinny Dip in the same places you found Loft in Arkansas, if you're interested in trying it.

Thanks again for writing! Let us know if you have any further questions.

Andi Rose"

So I guess I'll be trying out some Skinny Dip on my next trip west. Thanks to New Belgium for the response.

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