Thursday, May 17, 2007


What's the blog about? Well, yeah beer.

My impetus for finally starting this blog is the trip to Belgium I have planned for August of 2008. I figured I would need a place to write about the trip and post pictures and this seemed like the best idea.

So what's in this space until then?

Well, I have notes from old trips I've taken, including my two previous Belgian encounters and other various road trips and beer runs. Those will be here.

I have a fairly large collection of beer in my "cellar", some of which I've had nearly 5 years so I think I can detail my tasting notes from the cellar and provide at least one man's experience with aging fine beers and how the results turn out. (And this will help keep track of my results for my own personal use too.) Notes on vertical tastings will be posted as well.

I love a road trip and any trip is the opportunity to locate beer that you wouldn't get to taste otherwise. Results of my beerhunting will be good fodder for posts.

Hey and maybe I'll get some free samples out of this! (hint, hint) I must reiterate that any samples received will be given a detailed and thoughtful write up, though I cannot promise that I will like everything I taste!

So let's countdown to the Grande Choufferie (that will be my first event attended in Belgium) and enjoy the beery ride.

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