Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tasting Notes: Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter

Brewery: Great Lakes Brewing Company
Style: Porter
ABV: 5.8%
Date Poured: April 2010

I picked this one up on a trip through North Carolina a few weeks back. I should clarify; I picked up a full six-pack, not just one. I've had this during a couple trips to Cleveland and have enjoyed it. Haven't tried it in more than two years so I was curious to see if I still love it.

Pours opaque brown with enormous frothy brown head. Lots of thick lacing. Some coffee notes in the nose with a light milk chocolate aroma and a hint of roastiness.

Creamy mouth, equal parts bitter coffee, roastiness and milk chocolate smooth and luscious

Alternately dry and sweet maltiness up front. Morphs into strong roasted coffee bean flavors. This is like porter's greatest hits. Smoky, sweet, creamy and bitter. Coffee and milk chocolate and damn smooth. It has it all. Really like this creamy mouthfeel, it's just so luscious. Roasty, mocha flavor in the finish that linger through the aftertaste. Easy drinker but full of flavor.

It's still very, very good and I look forward to working my way through the rest of the sixer. One of the best porters in the country. A bold statement but I think the beer merits the title.

Great Lakes Brewing Company


Lost said...

I had a porter last night from Cisco brewery and it was supposed to have a head like the one shown on this beer. My bottle had too much carbonation and there was zero head despite the promise of great foam on the bottle label.

Kind of an off-topic, but seeing this review and the picture reminded me of what I was screwed out of. :)

I love a good head on a dark beer. So thirsty...


Heath said...

Moor Porter, right? I've had that when I lived in New England. It's good and does have a big fluffy head...you must've gotten a bad bottle.


Lost said...

Yup. Moor Porter. Bad bottle indeed. The good news was that I think it was just over carbonated. The taste seemed to be spot on.