Monday, December 3, 2007

25 Beers of Christmas, Day 3: Anchor "Our Special Ale" 2006

I've been drinking Anchor's OSA for so long it's nearly become a family tradition. So, of course, OSA will be prominently featured in the 25 Beers of Christmas. First up, the 2006 version (5.5% ABV) which was pretty understated compared to previous years in my opinion. There seemed to be a bit more spice but much less pine and malt flavors.

It's a dark mahoghany in the glass and sports a dense and frothy tan head. Nice thick lacing on the glass. Ginger and other sweet spice (perhaps nutmeg and clove) fill the nose, underpinned by a sweet, dark, almost biscuity malt. There's a hint of pine but its very subdued.

The mouth is filled by the flavors of the rich dark malt and it dominates the taste buds. Slowly, the sweet spice mentioned before becomes apparent. It finishes with some piney flavors, much more pine than in the mose, and woodier in the aftertaste. Its a very full mouth, a bit sticky but an offsetting piney aftertaste as the beer goes down.

So far I'm 3 for 3, every one of these beers has been fantastic. The cellar likes me. It really, really likes me!

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