Friday, May 2, 2008

The Session #15: Seeing The Light

For this month's version of The Session, we were asked to write about when we knew we were hooked on beer. I know the exact night it happened. It's not an incredibly exciting story but here it is.

I was visiting one of my college roommates at his parent's place in Wilmington, Delaware. We were preparing for an evening in the basement, shooting pool, watching baseball and drinking beer. We were heading out for a beer run and Tom suggested we go to Total Beverage because they had this great feature where you could "create your own six-pack". This was the early 90's and while I had started drinking "better beer", I really hadn't explored that much. This new concept of a mixed sixer would allow me to do just that.

We went to Total Beverage. I got two mixed sixers. I still remember the beers.

Anchor Steam
Anchor Liberty Ale
Anchor Porter
Sam Adams Boston Lager
Sam Adams Cream Stout
Sam Adams Honey Porter
Orkney Skullsplitter
Rhino Chasers Amber Ale
Rhino Chasers American Ale
Sierra Nevada Stout
Pete's Wicked Ale
Guinness Extra Stout

I had no idea what I was buying. I was just making selections based on what were my favorite beers at the time (Sam Adams Boston Lager and Guinness Draft) and how cool the labels looked. but I lucked into a few really good ones and somewhere in the middle of all those beer that night, I knew I was hooked. It solidified my new found love of stouts and porters, gave me my first tastes of an IPA and introduced me to a whole new style of beer (Wee Heavy).

Outside of Pete's Wicked and Rhino Chasers American Ale, all of those beers became regulars in my drinking rotation and set the stage nicely for the beer journey to come.

All thanks to Tom, a huge corporate beverage entity and Wilmington, DE (one of the ugliest cities you've ever seen).
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Boak said...

Glad you remember anything after all of that lot!

A couple of people have posted about how trying a mix of beers in a short space of time "converted" them.

Thanks for contributing, it's a good read!

Heath said...

Well, you know, my liver was much younger back then!

Thanks for hosting!